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News as of 05-05-2001

NEW Tooth & Nail releases...
Tooth & Nail have soem new releases coming out soon from the likes of All Wound Up, Side Walk Slam and The Undecided. Also, lots of tours coming up from the TnN camp. Cool. Not for Sydney though.

Jimmy Eat World Tour Dates!!
JEW are FINALLY coming out to Australia. It will be a kick arse tour. Hopefully, adelaide band Thinktank will score a support spot, making it a full, dare i say it, emo kiddies tour.

Blink 182 have officially sold out...
here is a new pic of blink 182. they have sold out. totally. i have a video of me doing impressions. they are selled out. but they are still good value. (05-05-01)

MxPx - Lonesome Town
MxPx - The Renaisannce EP is supposed to be all about their "old" sound (much in the guise of Pokinatcha, Teenage Politics etc.). It isn't. Go to the above link to listen to a preview track from it.

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