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Tooth and Nail releases, tours and such
We've got lots of stuff coming out of TnN at the moment. Good stuff. Albums from the likes of:

08.05.01 - All Wound Up "Hero"
08.05.01 - Various "Plastiq Musiq: New Musiq Vol. 2"
22.05.01 - Hangnail "Facing Changes"
05.06.01 - Starflyer 59 "Leave Here A Stranger"
17.07.01 - Side Walk Slam "Past Remains"
31.07.01 - The Undecided "More To See"

Hope this helps you out on your quest for musical happiness. Tours include appearances by Slick Shoes, Dogwood & Element 101. For ALL the information, goto the Tooth and Nail site.

MxPx - The Renaisance EP
This is the new release to tide as over until the next time they release a CD (i think a quick running total is about 10 or 11 so far). These pop-punksters have gone more pop than punk in their "return to punk roots" on this one. They'll never be the same again. Get it

Blink 182 - Take off your Pants and Jacket
Yes, we all know that Blink 182 have a new album coming out this summer. It's supposed to be like their old stuff (Cheshire, Dude Ranch) and more appealing to fans across the board. Check out
this picture and see what you think. Bloop!

the word of today is... blargh