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News as of 09-05-2001

Frenzal sign to Epitaph
Love them or leave them, Aussie punkers Frenzal Rhomb have signed a deal with Epitaph for Australia and New Zealand.

Area 7 Competition!
Skankers Area 7 have launched a new competition where you get to design a limited edition t-shirt! Go to their site soon!

The Living End on Letterman!
The Living End are playing Roll On tonite on Letterman at 1:00am. Check this out. Soon. They are also doing a few shows around the place, here and there, before they go back to the United States to tour with Green Day. Check it. Now.

News as of 07-05-2001

Samiam Dates & Support!
Well, the dates are up. Two infact! It's probably old news to some people, but new to others. Samiam will be gracing our shores within two months. Good stuff. They will have Blueline Medic and Irrelevant in tow. Check out the Shows section to get the dates in July.

Nerf Herder Site Updated (finally!)
The Nerf Herder site has finally been updated. They have a new web master after about a year. His name is Paul. He used to do the Ataris web site. Nice.

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