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News as of 14-05-2001

Earth Crisis broken up
Yep, the headline says it all. Whether you loved or hated the sXe hardcore band (a loose definition) goto their website for more information from the band.

Bad Religion on Epitaph, new album
Bad Religion have joined the Epitaph ranks again, and are also planning to release a new album around September/October this year. Also, Brett has re-joined the band as a songwriter/session musician, but will not be touring with them.

Yep. No good. Check the news bit for more. This bites.

Pennybridge Pioneers goes Gold!
Yepper, that's right. Seems like people can't get enough of this album (don't blame them!). It's gone gold in Australia last week. Good stuff.

Competitions galore...
If you are ever bored on the internet, head over to the Epitaph web site and enter some of the competitions. This week is one for Bouncing Souls stuff. We all like Bouncing Souls.

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