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Unsung Zeros release new EP
Out on Distant Rise Records, it's the latest release from these talented guys from Florida. Also, they have a Demo EP (out of print, but check for it) and their album The People Mover is also out on Therapy Records. These are both excellent CDs. Get them! I can PROMISE you, you won't be disappointed!

The Ataris re-master "...Anywhere But here"
For some reason (the main one being Kris wasn't happy with the way it sounded the first time), the boys are re-mixing and re-mastering all the tracks, and also adding in a few bonus tracks and a full color set of liner notes and photos and such. Some people are asking when they are going to re-record it. Some people are silly.
But, if they did - what would Kris do? Would he get Derek and that other dude back in? Or would it be Kris, Kid and Joey? Or the actual band? Hmm...

Go Here for the full story.

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