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Subject: Bored as Shit


Subject: Completion

Well, i've come to a conclusion. This site will rule. And i have a name for it. subject: bored. That's the name for it. Because, well, alot of the time, i'm bored at work, and well, i'm designing this site so i'm not bored. I'd say that works out rather well!

posted 20.06.2001 @ 10:31am

Subject: Bored as Shit

Hmmm... i'm stuck for a design. I'm using Dreamweaver for alot of stuff here. But, there are some things like the style sheets that i am still writing myself. I thought i should learn the products that i will need to use in a design house. I'm quite cocky aren't i?

There's someone thumping around upstaris. It's really fucking pissing me off. Kinda. See, at a place i lived at about a year ago, almost, i would walk around normally, and i'd get a complaint sent to the Real Estate agent. Fuckers. Never living there again.

But, in the least, i'm watching television. This is something that i haven't done in quite a long time. I don't know why. Maybe because i haven't sat down long enough yet. It's quite interesting. I like John Travolta. He is, well, distinguished. Sorta.

posted 19.06.2001 @ 10:14pm

Subject: Fuckers Incorporated

Well, anyways, this is going to be a personal rant/design/miscellaneous page that i am going to create and show off to the world. I'm not real good at content. But, i suppose, web designers don't have to be 100% with it, because the content is provided by the client.

Anyways, i've been working on some guitar tabs. They are for One Dollar Short. They are a band that WILL be going places. That is how damn good they are. Tour with The Ataris, video on Channel V, songs catchier than a fish hook, they are the shit.

posted 19.06.2001 @ 6:21pm