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Frenzal Rhomb sign with Epitaph
As previously mentioned only a page before, Frenzal Rhomb have signed with punk super label
Epitaph. They have signed a deal across Australia and New Zealand that has in it a re-release of their latest album "Shut Your Mouth" which includes three live tracks to co-incide with their super huge 53 stop tour with Mad Caddies and One Dollar Short. This also clicks in with their new album to be released called "Coming Home". Check the shows guide section for NSW dates!

Area 7 Single & competition!
Yes, that's right. A t-shirt competition. Area 7 fans (and anyone else for that matter) have to design a limited edition logo to be printed up as the prize. You also get a signed copy to be released off their new album. I don't know what it's called yet. No, that's not the title...

The Living End on Letterman!
They'll probably be on at the end of the night, after all the boring american jokes go on over and over again. I have nothing against the guy, he just pulls all the same jokes over and over again. I have a chuckle once in a while though...

the word of today is... blargh