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Bad Religion members, record labels
Indeed. They are now back on Epitaph. They now have Brett Gurewitz back in as a songwriter/session musician. I brought their album "The New America" for $10 the other day at the markets. It was damn good. Hopefully, one day, we'll see the boys back here doing some kick arse shows, but NOT opening for Blink 182. What a travesty.

Samiam have cancelled Aus tours AGAIN!
For reasons unknown to most people at the moment, Samiam have cancelled their Australian tour. Why? Eh? Read the last sentence again. This is the second time they've done this to us. Last time, in September 98, they did it. Do we REALLY want them to come out if they are going to keep doing this? Well, yes.

Pennybridge Pioneers goes Gold!
Well, it's a damn good album, and i think it deserves to go Gold. Millencolin's Pennybridge Pioneers has officially gone into GOLD status last week. This means that they have sold over 35000 albums since it's release last year. Good stuff. Everyone should also go out and buy "For Monkeys" & "Life in a Plate" - i like those albums.

Epitaph and check it.

the word of today is... blargh