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News as of 21-05-2001

NEW Unsung Zeros EP Out!
This talented foursome from Florida have a new EP coming out called... "Fading Out". One of the new tracks from it, Postcards Home is a killer of a track. Check them out... NOW!

Ataris re-mix Anywhere But Here
Correct. Right from the mouth (keyboard?) of Kris Roe, leader of the Ataris, has said that they will be re-mixing and re-mastering all the tracks on the album plus more... check it out.

News as of 20-05-2001

Strung Out tour of OZ?
Well, that's what the rumours are about. Possibly in Novemer is what's been uttered. Good stuff. I don't even know when the last time they were out here was... But i DO hope that they come out, and not cancel like Samiam.
Also, Strung Out have re-signed with Fat Wreck Chords. Yeah. A few more albums will come out from there. Good Stuff.

Mad Dash @ Bleach
Well, i went out ot Club Bleach last night, and, while they put on a good show, the sound sucked. There was no sound coming from the actual PA, the only vocals you could here were from the fallbacks, the bass just wasn't there... but they are fun to watch!

Not Much updating...
Sorry for the lack of updates. Telstra have decided to cut my phone off... for reasons unknown. No, i don't have bills outstanding. But anyways. I can't access my primary email account where nice people send me lots of info. So, if you've got any news to put up here at all... lemme know at and i'll post it. Thanks!

Also, if you are wondering where all the news has gone, it's in the archive news section. Don't worry, it isn't more than 3 click away. But yeah, if you want to look at old news, go there. I'll just keep a weeks worth of info here from each Sunday. Good Stuff.

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