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Here is a few reviews.

Jimmy Eat World - Annandale Hotel - 8 June, 2001

This was set to be a great show, either way. With Blueline Medic starting up... i was all happy. Kinda.
Blueline Medic aren't really my cup of tea. This is the first time i've heard them, and they REALLY sound alot like Jawbreaker live. The singers voice is harsh and scratchy, and the medlodies have a bit of Jawbreaker in them. They were okay though.

The real reason everyone was here was for Jimmy Eat World. You wouldn't have known it though, because there were only about 5 people in the crowd of a few hundred that actually acknowledged the fact that they had come out on stage. Immediately, they introduced themselves and launched into "Goodbye Sky Harbour". Right from then on, you could literally feel the emotion coming through the music.

After that, they played "Your New Aesthetic", "Believe What You Want" and also "Lucky Denver Mint". Then came "Bleed American", from the new album of the same name. Absolutely brilliant. At this point, i didn't think it could get any better. They slowed down the tempo considerably with songs like Episode IV, which, to quote Rick (the bass player) "That song made Tom Delonge cry", and "For Me this is Heaven". Then came a few new songs, which don't ask me the names for, but they are brilliant. After a one song encore, the guys left the stage, and came back out for some friendly chat with fans. Except Tom Linton, he was gone for a good while, and autograph hunters (like myself!) were looking around for him for about 20 mins.

This concert was a blast... the sound these guys had was awesome! It sounded like they had a CD in the background. They never missed a beat, never screwed up, never did anything wrong. It was brilliant. 5 days afterwards, i'm still reeling from it. It was that good.

Dynamite Boy - Somewhere in America

Well, this is the first Dynamite Boy album i've been able to get my hands on. After hearing parts of "Finders Keepers" (namely Julie H and Watchdog), i felt i really should get this.
Right from the start this album gets you going. The opening track, "Catching On", is a pearler. Bright, upbeat, fast... it's got everything an opening track could have. After another 3 tracks, i suddenly find myself listening to No Use for a Name. Nope, it's still Dynamite Boy, just sounds a little like them.
If i had the CD with me, i'd be able to tell you all about it. But, because i'm at work, i can't. All i can say is though, it's a CD that you'll need to listen to about 3 times, and then you'll love it! Don't throw it after the second track. It really is a great CD.

the word of today is... blargh